Guangdong Superpack Technology Co., Ltd. , an Integrated Provider and Specialist for Lithium Ion Based Renewable Energy
 Xupai, founded in 1995, is a leading producer of lead acid batteries in China. Motivated by a passion for green energy, Xupai established Superpack, a joint-venture with a professional renewable energy team which has more than ten years experience in lithium ion rechargeable battery field in 2018. 

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Technologies and Experiences

Superpack possesses technologies and experiences to provide fully-integrated products & solutions for lithium-ion based green energy applications, including Medical Device, E-mobility, Energy Storage System, Defence & Security, Industrial Electronics and many other more applications. 

Main Products & Service

Main products including Lead Acid Replacement Battery,Medical Li-ion Battery,Energy Storage System,E-mobility,Lamps,Household Appliance,etc.. And offer solution of Medical Battery,Energy Storage System,E-Mobility,Industrial equipments,Defence & Security and other customized service.

More about Superpack

Superpack is specializing in the development and manufacture of "smart batteries" by integrating the latest cell technology, electronic fuel gauging, active safety systems and innovative enclosure designs.

Superpack devoted to promote sustainable development and the use of alternative energies through the development of innovative products. 

Superpack seek to develop strategic long term customer partnerships built on joint commitment and strive to develop superior battery solutions for our customers that deliver:

• Safety and performance

       • Reliability

• Functionality

• Commercial value 

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