• Medical Battery
    Medical Battery

    With medical technology reliability, safety of equipment and quality are key features desired by manufacturers and their clients alike. Medical technology works in milliseconds, milligrams and smaller units meaning the quality of the equipment must be of the highest standards. SUPERPACK has developed and produced high performance rechargeable batteries for many years. Using only high quality cells, SUPERPACK draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to produce bespoke medical equipment for a wide range of clients. SUPERPACK ensures its adherence to a number of quality standards. Full traceability provide peace of mind for all bespoke devices supplied byS UPERPACK.SUPERPACK is the perfect, experienced partner for the manufacture of secure medical applications. We provide high quality  battery packs. Examples of applications using the high performance batteries by Superpack are: ·Medical carts (computer on wheels) ·Vital Signs monitor ·ECG ·Syringe Pump Superpack’s reliable high-tech battery packs are trusted by renowned manufacturers of medical products. Our team have lots of experience on making lithium ion batteries for Medical carts,Actuator etc.

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  • Energy Storage System
    Energy Storage System

    Energy Storage System Storage solutions that make you independent. Use renewable energy at home – superpack energy storage solutions makes it possible. Energy storage solutions with an integrated safety concept offer highly efficient and flexible energy storage at home for private and commercial applications. With the lithium-ion energy storage modules, the home-generated photovoltaic energy that is not currently needed can be stored in battery modules and easily be made available at a later time. Surplus energy is no longer lost. With superpack’s ESS energy storage system, solar energy users become less dependent on electricity prices and can use their own eco-power whenever they need it.

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  • E-Mobility

    E-mobility based on rechargeable battery technology have become increasingly important. As the world looks increasingly towards renewable energies, electric drive systems can replace conventional drives in many cases. SUPERPACK has recognized this trend early and supplied the technology to leading manufacturers of many different devices and vehicles for years. SUPERPACK has been designing, producing and selling E-Bikes (“Pedelecs”) since 2009. The drive components (motor, control, battery packs, etc.) used for pedelecs are designed by SUPERPACK but can be adapted to the clients requirements. Over this short period of time we have been instrumental in helping many different producers of battery powered drive systems to achieve success. You can find SUPERPACK technology in many applications, including: E-MOBILITY BATTERY GOLF CADDY MEDICAL CART BATTERY AGV BATTERY FLOOR SCRUBBER BATTERY MARINE BATTERY If you are looking for electronic mobility, contact SUPERPACK now! SUPERPACK offers the technical know-how necessary to service any requirement in electronic mobility. We produce customer specified electronics, development of a suitable rechargeable battery pack with long runtime (also for high-current applications), battery-management and engine control. We supply the complete solution to meet each client’s individual needs.

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  • Industrial Equipments
    Industrial Equipments

    Battery driven gardening tools and tool kits are more comfortable to use and more environmentally friendly than their petrol powered counterparts. These types of device are always ready to use, have a long operating time and, in the majority of cases, weigh very little. SUPERPACK have developed and manufacture several components which are ideal for very specific client requirements. We provide professional chargers for interior and exterior use, with suitable protection against moisture (IP level), the latest Li-Ion battery technology with intuitive capacity display and the appropriate approvals. You can find SUPERPACK technology in many applications, including: strimmer with rechargeable battery hedge clippers with rechargeable battery grass shears with rechargeable battery mower with rechargeable battery secateurs with rechargeable battery SUPERPACK are the ideal partner if you are looking to manufacture light and handy gardening tools with a company who has vast experience in this area.

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  • Defence & Security
    Defence & Security

    Defence & Security - Powering the Mission In the critical arena of defence and security markets, Superpack excels in delivering safe, lightweight, ruggedised, high energy power solutions for a wide range of systems - such as man portable communications, covert airfield-landing lights, night vision goggles, rugged portable computers and server back-up; providing high performance and reliable power for the harshest of environments. Defence contractors, OEMs and leading design houses trust Superpack to think beyond conventional wisdom and produce a solution that will increase end-user benefit, with features such as lightweight Lithium-ion technology, smart battery functionality, ruggedised environmental proof design, integrated charge control and multi-level redundant protection. Superpack know that the qualification of military products is of paramount importance and we manage this process in a methodical, timely manner to ensure the battery meets all specifications. Our in house team of electronic and mechanical design engineers utilise the latest design techniques to ensure that our customers receive the most appropriate, cost effective and timely power solution for their demanding needs. Whatever your development budget and timescales, Superpack can provide a service to suit and deliver the solution.

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