UPS Power Solution

What problems can solve for you


    Difficult to install                                  Large space occupation                                 Poor environmental 



Maintenance not to lerance                          Short service life                                          Pollution gas leak


Superpack provides LiFePO4 battery solutions for UPS applications. Through the intelligent, modular, and green design, solve the customers’ problems such as battery space occupation, complicated operation and maintenance, high replacement cost, difficult expansion and other problems, Superpack will lead the future of UPS power development.

UPS back up power supply


* Extremely long life, up to 2000cycles at 100% DOD, or 6000cycles at 25% DOD

* Super light weight

* Very safe, never get fired or exploded

* Wide operation temperature range, -20℃~+65℃

* Environment friendly, no lead, no mercury, no cadmium

* Fast charge, 1~3hours full charge



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