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 All-in-One ESS Battery Energy Storage System


Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System - ESS

  • Peak shaving and valley filling Peak shaving and valley filling
  • Time-of-use electricity price arbitrage Time-of-use electricity price arbitrage
  • Microgrids for islands and power shortage areas Microgrids for islands and power shortage areas
  • Grid ancillary services Grid ancillary services
  • New energy integratio New energy integratio
  • Emergency power backup Emergency power backup


Our home energy storage systems let residents store the electricity generated by their solar panels during the day, ensuring a steady power supply at night or during cloudy weather. With this capability, homeowners can draw from their own energy reserves instead of relying on the grid, reducing their electricity costs and carbon footprint. By using our energy storage solutions, they also gain the flexibility to support backup power during outages and achieve a greater level of energy independence.


We offer energy storage solutions designed for small commercial and industrial applications. Our ESS (Energy Storage System) cabinets, equipped with air-cooling and liquid cooling technology, provide safe, all-in-one solutions that are both efficient and low-maintenance. These systems are engineered to meet a wide array of energy storage needs, ensuring reliable performance in various environments. They can be used to stabilize power supplies, manage peak demand, and support renewable energy integration, offering businesses flexibility and cost savings.

EV Battery

We provide electric vehicle battery packs designed for businesses making the switch to electric fleets. Our grid-connected microgrid energy storage systems (ESS) can support a diverse range of vehicles, including buses, trucks, ships, forklifts, and airport equipment, offering reliable power for large-scale applications. Our battery cells and battery modules offer flexibility for different configurations and applications. These systems help businesses reduce carbon emissions, decrease fuel costs, and support sustainability goals.

  • Battery Energy Storage System
    Battery Energy Storage System
  • Hybrid Inverter + ESS 30KW/30KWh
    Hybrid Inverter + ESS
  • Hybrid Inverter + ESS 50KW/50KWh
    Hybrid Inverter + ESS
  • Indoor Cabinet- Bidirectional PCS + ESS
    Indoor Cabinet- Bidirectional PCS + ESS
  • Outdoor Cabinet- Bidectional PCS + ESS  30KW/215KWh~100KW/215KWh
    Outdoor Cabinet- Bidectional PCS + ESS
  • Hybrid Inverter + ESS 30KW~60KW
    Hybrid Inverter + ESS
  • 20'HC Container ESS 400KW/860KWh~800KW/1720KWh
    20'HC Container ESS
  • 45'HC Container ESS 2580KWh~3440KWh
    45'HC Container ESS

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