Mechanical Engineer

Superpack is the leading global battery manufacturer providing lithium-ion solutions that offer world-class performance tailored to applications in the industrial and energy markets. We are seeking an experienced Mechanical Engineer to join our company.

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the feasibility assessment of new product development;
2. Responsible for product mechanical design and project plan evaluation;
3. Responsible for the detailed mechanical design, packaging design and BOM production of the battery pack;
4. Responsible for prototype production, assembly, debugging and preparation of related technical documents;
5. Responsible for handling mechanical design issues and product optimization;


1. Bachelor degree, major in machinery;
2. More than 3 years experience in cylindrical and prismatic lithium battery mechanical design;
3. Understand the relevant safety regulations, and have an in-depth understanding of the electrical insulation and creepage distance of electrical components;
4. Familiar with plastic metal mold forming process;
5. Familiar with common material properties and processing technology;
6. Familiar with ProE , CAD and other design software;
7. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork skills, communication skills, modest and practical.

Salary: 8K~20K

Superpack offer a highly competitive compensation and benefits package and a relaxed work environment. If interested, indicate your salary expectation and availability within a cover page and submit along with your resume by e-mail to please.  

Superpack is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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