Trolling Motor Batteries|LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Lithium Batteries for Trolling Motor
Sailing longer at water with lithium deep cycle trolling motor battery. Lithium batteries will give you twice the run time for your electronics boat and twice the storage capacity for energy storage, while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. It can even perform at cold weather down to -20℃ and weighs half as much as lead acid battery, providing superior performance in all weather, while shedding pounds off your boat.

Lower cost
Discharge Rate
Cycle Life

Why Choose Lithium Battery for Outboard Engine?
Green Power Supply: The power station is compatible with the recreational vehicle and solar panel kits on the market. It speeds up the energy efficiency, making them ideal portable power kits for tent camping, unexpected power outages and etc.

  • Pro Customization

    Superpack manufactures lithium-ion battery to replace the lead-acid marine
    batteries, with a variety of high-standard energy solutions. Energy experts
    with more than ten years of experience can design solutions
    according to your requirement, just tell us your needs!

  • Perfect Replacement

    Lead acid replacement LiFePO4 battery are designed to replace
    SLA battery. Drop-in replace and upgrade your old battery,
    please don't worry about extra work. It is easier for you to
    use trolling motor lithium battery.

  • Lightweight

    Superpack LiFePO4 battery provide more energy than
    lead-acid battery,and are half the weight of lead-acid batteries,
    reducing the burden for boat.Lithium ion battery provides
    the same or more energy in less than half the weight
    and size. This means you can use it outdoors more conveniently.

  • No Maintenance

    One of the great advantages of our lithium-ion batteries is that
    their performance is guaranteed without maintenance. Other batteries
    may requirecycle charging and discharge or add of battery fluid,
    which can be avoided when using lithium-ion batteries

  • High Performance

    Grade A battery cells combined with Bluetooth for outboard
    motors battery that gofurther, life longer, greater adaptability. Durable,
    high-performance, premium lithium batteries offer the
    extreme on-water experience.

  • Green Friendly

    Superpack battery packs use lithium cells for the ultimate clean energy.
    No gas, no fumes, no pollution and recyclable. Enjoy reliable
    power while protecting the environment.

Lithium Deep Cycle Marine Battery
Superpack lithium Ionic batteries for marine are created with the A class lithium battery cells. Built for your long cruise, these batteries will provide you with more hours of enjoyment on the water.

  • SPF24V100-ST Deep Cycle Marine
    Trolling Motor Battery

  • SPF36V100-ST Deep Cycle Marine
    Trolling Motor Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are becoming a more common
choice for powering trolling motor, fishfinder and other accessories.
If you do choose to make the investment you can rest easy.
Because the lithium battery makes the trolling motor make
it easier and cheaper for you to replace the SLA battery.
As a angler, your bass boat needs reliable lithium batteries as they are
necessary to get your starting and running fishing boat. We custom LiFePO4 battery
for bass boats can help you sail freely on the water and it is lightweight,
making them ideal for bass boats.
Yacht, skiffs, flats boats or motorboat are your favorite water
entertainment. Whether you are going to beaches around the world or
taking a summer trip to your backyard lake, lithium batteries allow you
to power your yacht with clean energy.

Lithium Deep Cycle Marine Battery
lithium battery cells. Built for your long cruise, these batteries will provide you with more hours of enjoyment on the water.

Smart Batteries
We design and manufacture integrated smart battery energy
systems that including battery cell, battery pack and software
design to module and battery assembly and testing.

Energy Solution
We provide battery solutions combined with cutting-edge
lithium battery technology to create the ultimate
power experience.

Professional Service

For any customer, we will arrange a full-time energy expert to
provide solutions. In the process of communicating requirements,
we can convene  expert group for an online meeting at any time.

Fast after-sales service
We have branched in USA, Europe. Therefore,
Superpack is able to offer more efficient and
thoughtful after-sales service.

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