Superpack LiFePO4 solar street batteries are specially designed for commercial, farm, park, and residential solar lighting applications, providing affordable, accessible and reliable solar lighting energy.

Key Features 

· Built-in design eliminates potential theft
· Solid structure to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions
· Lighter weight, smaller size
· Quicker charging even in cloudy weather
· Wide operation temperature range from -20℃ to +65℃
· Longer cycle life of 5000 cycles at 30% DOD
· Low self-discharge rate: < 4% monthly
· High energy density of about 172Wh/kg
· Protection for over-voltage, under-voltage, over current, short-circuit
· Maintenance free

All-in-one Solar street light LiFePO4 battery
 Voltage Capacity Energy  Max. Dimension(mm) Cells Built-in BMS
 12.8V   6Ah  76.8WH  110*150*30  IFR26650EC YES
 12.8V   9Ah  115.2WH  160*150*30 YES
 12.8V   12Ah  153.6WH  210*150*30 YES
 12.8V   15Ah  192.0WH  135*275*30 YES
 12.8V   18Ah  230.4WH  160*275*30 YES
 12.8V   21Ah  268.8WH  190*275*30 YES
 12.8V   24Ah  307.2WH  210*275*30 YES
 12.8V   27Ah  345.6WH  250*275*30 YES
 12.8V   30Ah  384.0WH  270*275*30 YES
 12.8V   33Ah  422.4WH  295*275*30 YES
 12.8V   40Ah  512.0WH  350*275*30 YES
 12.8V   50Ah  640.0WH  460*275*30 YES
 12.8V   60Ah  768.0WH  270*275*60 YES
 12.8V   70Ah  896.0WH  295*275*60 YES
 12.8V   80Ah  1024.0WH  350*275*60 YES

Solar Street Light Battery

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