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SPF24V277Ah E-Forklift Lithium Battery

High-performance Lithium-ion Battery System,Professional E-Forklift Battery Solutions

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Lithium e-Forklift batteries

E-Forklift lithium batteries maintain a higher, more stable voltage over the course of a shift, we can also experience higher forklift performance which can translate to increased throughput. Lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity-charged, or recharge throughout the shift when necessary, easy to swap,thus increasing the fleet's performance and reducing downtime. Superpack has developed a wide range of different industrial vehicle batteries with the capacity to 24V~48V and 50Ah~690Ah. 

The product has a built-in software BMS board, internal calculation of SOC, including 485 communication function, power DO, power AO output, and lead Switch control, etc. 

LiFePO4 Battery Benefits vs Lead Acid Battery

• Built-in BMS can monitor, control and protect the internal cell blocks
• Communication function is optional, CANbus, Modbus, etc.
• Wider working temperature range
• Up to 10X longer life span
• Faster charging time 
• More powerful                         
• Cost-effective
• Maintenance free

SPF24V277ah Forklift battery Product Dimensions

SPF24V277Ah Forklift lithium battery Specification


General parameter

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity




Approx weight

≈270Kg (With counterweight 170kg)



Lowest voltage


Highest voltage


Overvoltage protection

3.7V(Battery string)

Undervoltage protection

2.9V (Battery string)

Charging parameters

150A continuous charging

Discharge parameters

277A continuous discharge (1C), peak 300A,

peak duration less than 1S.

Discharge temperature


Charging temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity

Relative humidity 10%~80%, no condensation

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