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E-mobility based on rechargeable battery technology have become increasingly important. As the world looks increasingly towards renewable energies, electric drive systems can replace conventional drives in many cases.

SUPERPACK has recognized this trend early and supplied the technology to leading manufacturers of many different devices and vehicles for years. SUPERPACK has been designing, producing and selling E-Bikes (“Pedelecs”) since 2009. The drive components (motor, control, battery packs, etc.) used for pedelecs are designed by SUPERPACK but can be adapted to the clients requirements.

Over this short period of time we have been instrumental in helping many different producers of battery powered drive systems to achieve success.

You can find SUPERPACK technology in many applications, including:

  • E-Bike
  • Golf Caddy
  • E-Kart
  • Go-Kart
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Sweeper and suction engine

If you are looking for electronic mobility, contact SUPERPACK now!

SUPERPACK offers the technical know-how necessary to service any requirement in electronic mobility. We produce customer specified electronics, development of a suitable rechargeable battery pack with long runtime (also for high-current applications), battery-management and engine control. We supply the complete solution to meet each client’s individual needs.

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