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Medical Lithium Battery

Medical Lithium Battery

Feb 28, 2024

With medical technology reliability, safety of equipment and quality are key features desired by manufacturers and their clients alike. Medical technology works in milliseconds, milligrams and smaller units meaning the quality of the equipment must be of the highest standards.


Superpack has developed and produced high performance rechargeable batteries with high quality and good performance single cells. Superpack draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to produce bespoke medical equipment for a wide range of clients.


Superpack ensures its adherence to a number of quality standards. Full traceability provide peace of mind for all bespoke devices supplied by Superpack. Superpack is the perfect, experienced partner for the manufacture of secure medical applications. We provide high quality battery packs.


Typical applications using the high performance batteries by Superpack are:


· Medical Carts (Computer on Wheels)

· Vital Signs Monitor


· Syringe Pump

· B-ultrasound

· Defibrillator

· Ventilator

· Oximeter

· Anaesthesia

· Pulmonary Function

· Electric Wheelchair



Electrocardiograph battery


Superpack's reliable high-tech battery packs are trusted by renowned manufacturers of medical devices.


Our team have lots of experience on making lithium ion batteries for Medical carts, Actuator etc.

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