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Solar Home System

Solar Home System

Apr 02, 2024

Multifunctional Solar Home System 


Solar home systems (SHS) are standalone photovoltaic systems that offer a cost-effective way to supply power for lighting and appliances to remote off-grid households in rural areas. SHS meet basic electric needs where grid electrification is not feasible, serving hundreds of thousands of households globally. Operating at 12 V DC, SHS power low-power appliances like lights, radios, and small TVs for about three to five hours daily. They use various components including cables, switches, mounts, and power conditioners (inverters) that convert 12/24 V DC power to 240 V AC for larger appliances. Efficient appliances are recommended with SHS to optimize system size.


A SHS typically includes one or more PV modules consisting of solar cells, a charge controller which distributes power and protects the batteries and appliances from damage and at least one battery to store energy for use when the sun is not shining.


Superpack LiFePO4 battery 12V series is an ideal replacement for traditional lead acid battery, the series is highly suited for Solar home system. We can provide all the items such as Solar Panel and its Kits of the entire project.

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