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5KW All-in-One Energy Storage System Off-Grid

energy storage system
energy storage system
energy storage system
energy storage system

5KW All-in-One Energy Storage System Off-Grid

Energy storage system for home with lithium ion battery 5kWh/10kWh/15kWh/20kWh. The all in one energy storage system includes inverter, controller and batteries.

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All-in-One Energy Storage System Off-Grid

The Best Energy Storage System Solution

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for home can provide solutions to many electric-grid challenges. 
The Superpack is available in many sizes: optional 5kWh,10kWh/15kWh/20kWh. So whatever power and capacity  you need, the Superpack have the perfect storage solution for your energy needs.

  • Easy & Fast Installation

Play and plug connection saves 40% installation time

  • Flexible Storage Capacity

Large energy storage capacity up to 20kWh.

  • Long Cycle Life

Designed life-span 6000 times

  • Smart Protection

Over Voltage/Over Temperature/Overload//Overall Full Protection

  • Easy Local & Remote Control

Monitor your energy remotely via smartphone APP or web


Remote Control Outdoor Rated Intelligent Energy Management Fully Certified & Tested
App gives you complete control of the energy in your home using real-time data. Power inverter protect your system even under the most servere conditions. Meticulously designed to unify the control of your home energy needs. A grade level quality and fully certified.


▪ 5KW Off-Grid Energy Storage System
▪ Battery + Inverter + Controller
▪ Hybrid Solar Inverter 5KW Off-Grid + MPPT controller
▪ Battery Modules 51.2V100AH – LiFePO4
▪ Floor & Wall-Mounting
▪ Multiple Parallel Configuration, Capacity Range 5KWH to 20KWH
▪ Advance BMS Control
▪ Long Cycle Life 6000 Cycles
▪ Calendar Life 10+ years



Inverter+Controller Parameter
Battery Input
Battery Type LFP
Rated Battery Input Voltage 51.2V
Hybrid Charging Maximum Charging Current 80A
Battery Voltage Range 44.8-57.6V
Solar Input  
Maximum PV Open-cir cuit Voltage 500vdc
PV Working Voltage Range 120-500Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range 120-450Vdc
Maximum PV Input Current 18A
Maximum PV Input Power 5200W
Maximum PV Charging Current 80A
AC Input(generator/grid)  
Mains Maximum Charging Current 40A
Rated Input Voltage 110/120Vac
Input Voltage Range (90Vac~140Vac) ± 2%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Automatic Detection)
Mains Charging Efficiency >95%
Switch Time (bypass and inverter) 10ms(Typical Value)
Maximum Bypass Overload Current 63A
AC Output  
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) 120Vac(100/105/110Vac Settable)
Rated Output Power (VA) 5000(4100/4300/4500)
Rated Output Power(W) 5000(4100/4300/4500)
Peak Power 10000VA
On-load Motor Capacity 4HP
Output Frequency Range(Hz) 50Hz ± 0.3Hz/60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Maximum Efficiency >90%
No-load Loss Non Energy-saving Mode: ≤50W Energy-saving Mode :≤25W(Manual Setup)
Certificate CE(IEC62109-1)/CETL(UL1741 CSA C22.2 NO .107.1)
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) EN61000
Working Temperature Range -15°C~ 55°C
Storage Temperature Range -25°C~ 60°C
Humidity Range 5% to 95%(Conformal Coating Protection)
Dimensions 560*480*200mm
Weight (KG) 22kg
Module Parameter  
Battery Type LFP
Battery Rated Voltage 51.2V
Battery Working Voltage Range 44.8~ 57.6V
Maximum Charging Current 100A
Maximum Discharging Current 100A
DOD 6000cycles@80%DOD
Parallel Quantity 4
Dimension W × L× H 560x480x150mm
Weight 49 kg
Base Parameter  
Material Steel
Dimension L× D× H 560x480x70mm
Weight 7 kg
Battery Module 1 2 3 4
Battery Energy 5.12kWh 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh
Battery Capacity 100AH 200AH 300AH 400AH
Weight 78kg 127kg 176kg 225kg
Dimension L× D× H 560x480x420mm 560x480x570mm 560x480x720mm 560x480x870mm
PV CHARGE        
Solar Charge Type MPPT
Maximum Output Power 5KW
PV Charging Current Range 0~80A
PV Operating Voltage Range 120~500V
MPPT Voltage Range 120~450V
Maximum Charge Power 3150W
AC Charging Current Range 0~40A
Rated Input Voltage 110/120Vac
Input Voltage Range 90~140Vac
Rated Output Power 5KW
Maximum Output Current 42A
Frequency 50Hz
Overload Current 45A
Maximum Peak Power 10KVA
Maximum Efficiency >90%
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) 120Vac
Auto Switch Period <10ms
THD <3%
Communication RS485/CAN/WIFI(optional)
Storage Time / Temperature 6 months @25℃;3 months @35℃;1 months @45℃;
Charging Temperature Range 0~45℃
Discharging Temperature Range -10~45℃
Operation Humidity 5% ~ 85%
Nominal Operation Altitude <2000m
Cooling Mode Electric Fan
Noise 60dB(A)
Ingress Protection Rating IP20
Recommended Operation Environment Indoor
Installation Method Horizontal
Certification UL1741, UL1973, UN38.3, MSDS
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